Each year, thousands of students contemplate careers in U.S. law. Do you know if you have what it takes to succeed in this competitive field? Are you an analytical thinker who sticks to the facts, has a great memory, highly skilled in the English language, and passionate about defending your client(s)? If you are, we’ve got special guests (law school admissions officers and professionals) who will share their expertise with you.

This is a four hour exclusive session so be prepared to absorb the data. Even if you think you know how to process yourself into law school, come to this session for shortcuts or reminders and get that edge. (Note: Please be on time.)


Reps from Law Schools in the Top 25 of the Nation will be participating (subject to change):


Northwestern University School of Law, Sarah Arimoto-Mercer, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
UCLA School of Law, Office of Admissions, (Director/Assistant Director)
Boston University School of Law, Christine Carr, Assistant Director of Admissions
University of Iowa School of Law, Collins B. Byrd, Assistant Dean of Admissions
UC Davis School of Law, Admission and Enrollment
University of Texas School of Law, Sam Riley, Director for Admissions Programs
Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, Mary Ann Clifford, Assistant Dean of Admissions
USC Gould School of Law, Brenda Cortez-Martin, Associate Director of Admissions
Cornell School of Law, Sarah A. Busse, Associate Director of Admissions
UC Berkeley School of Law, Kristin Alvarez, Associate Director of Admissions, UC Berkeley Law School
Georgetown School of Law, Caryn Voland, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Georgetown University Law Center

Stanford Law School

Boston College Law School José Ivan Román, Assistant Director for Admissions

Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Frank Motley , Admissions Officer

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