News and Notes about Economics Courses in Fall Quarter 2010

Economics 2 now has Economics 1 as a prerequisite.
Economics 41 now has prerequisites of Math 31A and 31B, so you cannot enroll in it unless you will have completed these two calculus courses.
Economics 41 is now restricted to students officially in Pre-Economics, Pre-Business Economics, and Pre-Economics/International Area Studies. If you are pursuing one of these majors but are under another major, you will need to contact a Department of Economics counselor for help enrolling.
Economics 106’s (except Econ. 106A) are restricted to Business Economics majors, both on first and second passes.
Economics 106A is the same course as Economics 188B, which was offered for the first time in Spring Quarter. Economics 106A will count as an Economics 106 for the Business Economics major. Application instructions for this course are below.

Econ. 106A will count as an Economics Elective under the Econ. 130 series for the Economics and Economics/International Area Studies. It will also satisfy an Economics Elective for the Business Economics major if you have already taken two Economics 106’s. This applies to other Economics 106’s as well for Business Economics.

Economics 106T/Economics of Technology is a new course which will count as an Economics 106 for the Bus. Econ. major.
Economics M134A is cross-listed with Environment M134. You may enroll under either course number to earn credit for an economics elective.
Economics 140 has been replaced by Economics 145. The course description is below.
Economics 187/Application of Economic Theory has a topic of Economic History of Globalization. This course will count as an economics elective for Department of Economics majors under the international field (120’s).
Economics 188/Career Development is a one-unit course that does not fulfill an Economics elective requirement for any Department of Economics major.
If you need to take Economics 199B in Fall Quarter because you are graduating in December and are an Economics/International Area Studies major, you should contact a Department of Economics counselor for more information.

Case-based Economics Course for Fall 2010!!!

The UCLA Department of Economics is proud to announce that Economics 106A/Economics in Practice will be offered again in Fall Quarter 2010. Students must submit an application online by 11:59 pm on August 15, 2010 to be considered for this course. Please note that students will be accepted on a rolling basis, therefore, you are encouraged to apply early.

Course Description: Econ 106A (formerly Econ 188B) is an interactive problem solving course using economics to address a variety of problems in public policy. This course provides an introduction to a new case-based learning approach, including assistance from UCLA Anderson MBA students. Students, grouped in fours, will be required to present analysis on several “cases” throughout the quarter, utilizing Excel and PowerPoint. All students will be required to present analysis of a final case to judges from top financial firms in the UCLA Case Study Competition. Letter grading.